Wedding Ceremonies

Classical music, cellist and violinistsWe are The Wedding Ceremony Specialists!

When you choose The String Brothers you can relax. You’re in the hands of experienced professionals. We’ll guide you, answer all your questions and let you know what to expect on your wedding day. Our musicians are passionately dedicated to their art. They create music that will make your ceremony beautiful and memorable. The String Brothers have performed at over 500 weddings. We’ll bring that experience to your ceremony and help make it an unforgettable event.

You Select The Instruments

You get to choose the instruments you want. Instruments listed here are available for ceremonies in duos, trios, quartets & quintets. Violin, Guitar, Keyboard, Harp and Bagpipes are also available for solo performance.

Violin | Viola | Cello | Flute | Guitar | Keyboard | Bass | Vocalist | Harp | Bagpipes (solo only)

If you already know what instruments and group size you want that’s great. But it’s also fine if you have no idea what you might like. Just call us and we’ll be glad to help create a group that meets your needs, musical taste, and budget. So call us! We’re nice people, we don’t bite…except for thin crust pizza and curry dishes!

brxbxp44789The Stages of a Wedding Ceremony

Prelude music begins a half-hour before the start of the ceremony and sets a warm and welcoming mood as guests arrive and are seated. Most prelude music is light and non-intrusive. We want to save the drama for the entrance of the bridal party and bride. You do not need to choose prelude music. The String Brothers will perform a beautiful mix of appropriate pieces.

Pre-Processional. This is the time just before the procession begins. Important family members, such as grandparents or mother of the bride, are now ushered to their seats. You might wish to have The String Brothers perform a special piece of music to honor these important family members.

Processional music is played as the bridal party proceeds down the aisle. This piece of music should be less dramatic than the Bridal Entrance music. As always, the String Brothers will gladly help you choose appropriate music for this part of the ceremony.

With This Ring, I Thee WedBridal Entrance music announces the bride, and continues as she walks down the aisle. This is the moment everyone has waited for. Whether it’s “Here Comes The Bride” or a less traditional selection, this piece will be performed with passion and drama. If the bridal party is small, the bride may wish to walk to the same piece of music as the bridal party. It is also a Catholic wedding ceremony tradition to have the bride walk to the same piece as the bridal party.

Ceremony. Music may add a special touch to sand ceremonies, lighting of unity candles, during communion, or any other moment you care to highlight. The String Brothers have musicians who can perform through a full Catholic Mass.

Recessional music plays as the newlyweds walk back up the aisle. This is joyful, celebratory music. While “The Wedding March” is the traditional favorite, feel free to select any piece that conveys a sense of happiness and exhilaration.

Postlude music is played as guests are exiting, or mingling, often to greet the newlyweds in a receiving line. Like prelude music, these pieces are typically light, as guests are now chatting and mingling.

Reception. If you wish to have music beyond the postlude, please click-on “Receptions & Parties”.

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